We offer a 20 Year Warranty on our home
cinema theater furniture

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Our line of Theater seats

Discover our diverse home theater furniture options that cater to a wide range of preferences, from theater beds and cuddle couches to motorized recliners for a stadium-style experience. Combine different transitional and modern designs to create the best theater seats for your home . Contact us for a complimentary 3D layout to plan and visualize your ideal custom home theater room layout.


The Diamond Standard

Our 4C’s of Custom, Luxury home theater furniture

Made with pride in Canada, each chair comes with a 20-year warranty and a robust build that exceeds 165 pounds. Elite HTS’s reputation as a trusted manufacturer of seating for public and residential movie theaters is based on meticulous craftsmanship and unparalleled durability.
As the manufacturer, we specialize in tailored solutions for your theater project. Embrace creativity with COM, custom storage, and custom stitching for an exclusive seating experience.
In collaboration with renowned chiropractor Dr. Grant O'Neill, we create the most comfortable home theater seats offering ergonomic support using high-quality seating foam and various upholstery options for immersive relaxation during extended viewing.
Concierge Services
With clients that include celebrities and pro athletes as well as home theater enthusiasts, we prioritize unparalleled quality, white glove service, and complete confidentiality. From complimentary 3D layout drawings to seamless installation, we aim to provide the ultimate in customer satisfaction.
Cream leather with wood trim theater seating


Our home theater seats use only the best cushioning foam that is manufactured with maximum resilience technology for hours of comfort and support. The foam is high in density and supportive, yet still soft and very comfortable at the same time. High quality flex webbing is used to support the foam instead of traditional springs, so no need to worry about old squeaky springs after a few years. Ergonomic, Chiropractic endorsed lumbar support eliminates virtually all lower back pressure build up.

Additional Features Include:

– A precisely fine-tuned lumbar and upper back support system
– A unique dual cushion system that provides equal weight distribution for the thighs and buttocks
– Premium, high quality foam that is not too firm, or too soft
– An optional adjustable headrest that fits perfectly in the nape of the neck
– Choice of soft, medium or firm cushion options.

“The low back cushion has the optimal shape and angle to maintain the ideal lordosis (curve) of the lumbar spine….. In conjunction with the dual cushion system, the overall effect is to allow for a more relaxed body position giving maximum comfort and thus longer endurance while sitting.”

Dr. Grant O’Neill
Doctor of Chiropractic
Cloverdale, BC


Our cinema seating chairs have been featured in some of the finest VIP cinemas and show-floors in the world. Some of these venues include the Venetian Hotel in Macau, Harrods in London, and the Technicolor Film Services screening rooms in Burbank, California.

With this pedigree of clientele, our luxury home cinema seating must be built and engineered to withstand the use of countless daily visitors, while still remaining sturdy and comfortable for many years after. With each of our heavy-duty theater recliners weighing in excess of 165lbs (75kg), they are built to last and come with a standard power recline motor and a 20-Year Warranty.

Features Include :

– Hand crafted in Canada
– Exquisite attention to detail
– 20 Year Warranty
– Historical low maintenance and repair
– Heavy duty Frame
– Industrial strength “thick and chunky” steel recliner mechanism
– Whisper quiet, German engineered power recline motor
– Premium Leather and Upholstery
– Premium Marshmallow Foam that is soft yet supportive
– Real wood trim (no artificial laminate)
– Ergonomically designed
– High quality cup holders
– Customers Own Material accepted


As the manufacturer, we have unique customization abilities which allow us to execute a wide range of custom requests. It is a rare occurrence when we cannot accommodate a special request for our media room furniture.

All of our custom home theater furniture is modular. This provides our clients with the ability to build and customize their theater chair by mixing and matching various arm styles, foam densities, upholstery options and back rests.

As the manufacturer, we can accommodate a wide range of custom requests including, but not limited to:

– Exotic C.O.M.(Customers Own Material) fabrics and leathers
– Dual tone color schemes
– Custom sizing requests
– Chaise style seating
– Custom storage compartments
– Custom touch panel and iPad modules
– 24k gold cup holders
– Custom embroidery and engraving
– Exotic wood species and custom staining
– Optional powered headrests
– Custom tray tables
– Custom recliner sofas and chaises for the family room or living room


Whether our client is a famous celebrity, professional athlete, or a home theater aficionado, we must adhere to the highest levels of quality, customer service and confidentiality.

We will be the first to admit we may over-engineer our product, and our construction methods may be a bit overkill. However, this strategy gives us the peace of mind that we will most likely not have to service any theater recliner once it leaves our facility.

In the rare case of a repair or replacement, our unique modular design allows any part of our theater chair to be detached and taken apart in minutes with a few simple tools. For example, our German engineered recliner motor can easily slide out of its cradle and be replaced with a new motor within minutes.

Our knowledgeable team of Project Managers are always just a phone call or email away, and we strive to provide quick resolutions to any issues that may arise.

Our unique 3D layout design service is a complimentary service for trade professionals. It allows our clients to pre-visualize their theater room design and media room seating from multiple angles. In addition, platform dimensions, aisle depths and optimum number of seats per row can be planned precisely.

Simply email us a rough sketch of your room with measurements. We can usually provide a detailed 3d rendering within 48 hours. Visit our Layout Ideas page for layout solutions and inspiration.


Elite HTS is the home theater seat manufacturer of choice for celebrities, professional athletes and five star hotels. Here are some of our latest featured projects. To view more projects and our most popular models, visit our Gallery

(MODEL N5 + Sectional)
Batcave home theater with luxury custom home theater seating
(MODEL n1)
home theater with luxury custom home theater seating
(MODEL j1)
Public VIP home theater in Dubai with luxury custom home theater seating


It’s all we do

Proudly showcased for many years in the finest public VIP cinemas like the Venetian Hotel, our confidence in providing a 20-year warranty is unwavering. Each of our robust recliners, weighing over 165lbs (75KG), is meticulously crafted to last for decades, ensuring enduring luxury.
A premium recliner is distinguished by thick steel brackets, reinforced bracing, and a strong, sturdy reclining action. Our German-engineered, industrial-strength power recline mechanism, known for its "thick and chunky" build, operates smoothly and quietly, ensuring a first-rate experience.
Our recliners are engineered to endure the rigorous wear and tear of public cinemas, even for home use. Their frames combine steel and premium wood for robust structural integrity and support. Their arms are intricately designed to seamlessly align with the inner frame and mechanism, ensuring long-term sturdiness and stability.
home theater with luxury custom home theater seating
home theater with luxury custom home theater seating
Elite HTS is hands down the best home theater seat manufacturer we have ever dealt with. From the manufacturing quality to Cynthia’s customer service, they are amazing. When you touch their buttery Silk Leather, it feels like velvet. It is UNBELIEVABLY comfortable. Every client that we have specified this home movie theater seating for has been thrilled with the end result!
Scott S
Station Earth Technologies
Toronto, Ontario
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"As the President of One AdvantEdge I have worked with the team at Elite Home Theater Seating Inc. for over three years, and during that time we’ve coordinated on in excess of 20 projects. If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury theater seating, then Elite HTS is the perfect choice. Elite’s ability to customize each project specific to my clients’ needs ensures they have the perfect modern home theater seating every time. In addition to providing highly personalized customer service, the Elite team always ensure that they have my and my clients’ best interest at heart. I highly recommend Elite Home Theater Seating to anyone looking for the ultimate in customized luxury home theater seating."
Javier Llerana
President/CEO One advantEdge
Miami, Florida
home theater with luxury custom home theater seating
“Every time I am lucky enough to sit in an Elite theater chair, I am amazed by the fit, finish and comfort. It’s my business to analyze theater seating and I can honestly say that they build chairs with a rare attention to quality and detail. The superbly durable structure, high-quality foam and ergonomic design make Elite chairs perfect for our Tactile Motion products."
Randolph Crowson
President of Crowson Technology, LLC,
Santa Barbara, CA
home theater with luxury custom home theater seating
“In addition to being the most comfortable home theater recliner to ever cradle my haunches-a Goldilocks mix of inviting and relaxing without being sleep-inducing as so many comfy recliners are…...”
Dennis Burger  
robb Report / Home Entertainment Magazine
Spiderman home theater with display case of suits from spider-verse
“This is an amazing product. The low back cushion has the optimal shape and angle to maintain the ideal lordosis (curve) of the lumbar spine ..... In conjuction with the dual cushion system, the overall effect is to allow for a more relaxed body position giving maximum comfort and thus longer endurance while sitting.”
Dr. Grant O’Neill
D.C.Cloverdale, BC



Experience our state-of-the-art theater seating configurator, empowering you to personalize and visualize your ideal home theater chair. Mix and match various arm styles with different backrests and choose from a wide range of colors, luxurious leathers, wood trims, and layouts. Start building your theater home chairs today for a bespoke seating experience.

home theater seating for ultimate luxury

When you invest in seating for your home theater, luxury is key. Every component – from the foam and hidden mechanisms to the bespoke wood, metal and leather finishes – should reflect sophistication and style. That’s why we are committed to using world-class materials and designs.

Add in our expert hand craftsmanship and attention to detail, the result is the best luxury theater chairs available today. That’s why you’ll find Elite home theater chairs in some of the most exclusive VIP viewing rooms worldwide. It also explains why our movie theater seating for high-end home and prestigious hotels and entertainment venues is also the favorite of celebrities and pro athletes.

Our ability to produce an unlimited range of custom theater chairs to meet every home theater furniture item on your wish list raises the bar even higher. Whether it’s a custom-made sofa, chair or chaise, or entire seating plan, our bespoke “Build Your Chair” program will fulfill your home theater seating expectations.

the best theater seating for your home

The winning combination of quality, comfort, durability and style makes Elite HTS the best in luxury home theater seating decor. We attribute our reputation for excellence to four key elements that sets us apart:

Expert Craftsmanship: Known for our dedication to creating movie chairs with precision and care, Elite HTS sets the standard for modern home theater seats. Crafted by hand in Canada by expert technicians, each furniture piece is backed by a 20-year warranty.

Unmatched Customization: We specialize in personalized solutions for your home theater to insure your viewing pleasure. From custom sizes and styles to storage compartments, USB charging ports and unique stitching, indulge in a bespoke seating arrangement designed just for your home.

Ultimate Comfort: Through our collaboration with Dr. Grant O'Neill, a distinguished chiropractor, your comfort and relaxation are our priorities. Our home theater furniture offers ergonomic support, utilizing premium seating foam for unparalleled comfort during extended viewing sessions.

Exclusive Concierge Services: Catering to an exclusive clientele, we deliver the best home theater seating solutions around. When you work with Elite, you can expect white-glove service, complete confidentiality, and seamless installations, alongside complimentary 3D layout drawings.  

Home theater seating that lets you relax in ultimate comfort 

Modern theater room chairs should provide you with the functionality, durability and comfort you deserve. Every component that goes into our luxury home theater seating ensures the ultimate in opulence for theater style seating.

Ergonomic design: Our seating for home theaters has been designed specifically with marathon movie-watching in mind for the whole family. The low back cushions have the optimal shape and angle to accommodate your body’s natural curves when watching movies in a seated or reclining position.

Dual cushions:  Our plush seat cushions are ergonomically designed to relieve pressure on the tailbone, hips and spine. They promote blood circulation and offer relief from lower back pain during lengthy viewings.

Reclining mechanism: Engineered in Germany, our industrial-strength motorized recline mechanism provides an unsurpassed smooth and quiet reclining experience for your movie night at home.

Premium fabrics: Immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation with our buttery soft genuine Valentino Leather, silky smooth Silk Leather or velvety Cinesuede for an incomparable experience in luxury home leather seating. Because these luxury materials breathe, they will adjust to your body’s temperature to provide the ultimate custom media room seating experience.

our home theater seats are made with the highest quality materials 

Only the highest quality, meticulously selected products go into our home movie theater seating:

 Genuine leather: Our genuine full-grain Valentino Leather is sourced from the finest tanneries in Europe to provide you with the breathability and tight grain that are the hallmarks of the best top grain leather. We do not use any bonded leather.

  Faux leather: Silk Leather boasts all the luxurious qualities of leather, including softness, resilience and breathability, providing the ultimate in luxury theater chairs for the whole family.

Suede leather: For those who prefer the elegance of suede on their movie chairs, our Cinesuede is the material of choice. Its soft hand and lush nap will help you relax in style.

Recline mechanism:  Our German-engineered, industrial-strength motorized recline mechanism ensures a smooth and quiet reclining experience.

Cupholders: Our elegant, top-of-the-line metal cupholders are available in a choice of brilliant black, gunmetal, copper and silver.

Swivel Trays: Our custom swivel trays are constructed from the finest wood finishes in matte, satin and high gloss.  

Premium Foam: Available in soft, medium and firm options, our premium foam is soft and supportive, with your comfort in mind.