Commercial VIP Seating


luxury movie theater seating layout
Commercial VIP Seating


Our theater seating has been featured in some of the finest VIP cinemas and screening rooms in the world. Some of these venues include the Venetian Hotel in Macau, and the Technicolor Film Services screening rooms in Burbank, California.

With this pedigree of clientele, our luxury home cinema seating must be built and engineered to withstand the use of countless daily visitors, while still remaining sturdy and comfortable for many years after.

With each of our heavy-duty theater recliners weighing in excess of 165lbs (75kg), they are built to last and come with a standard 20-Year Warranty. Our residential seating is built to the same standards and specifications.


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Discover our cutting-edge theater seating configurator, allowing you to customize and envision your perfect home theater chair. Mix and match diverse arm styles, backrests, and choose from an array of colors, luxurious leather types, wood trims, and layouts.

Product Highlights

Product Highlights

Engineered and designed for commercial use

In the rare case of repairs, our design ensures easy repairs or replacements. Components such as the reclining motor effortlessly slide in and out for quick, 5-minute exchange. The back rests are easily detachable, simplifying the process of sending them for repair or replacement.

While chair arms and seat cushions arrive pre-assembled, requiring tools for repairs, our support extends to on-site repairs, either by a local upholstery servicing company or reimbursement for repairs rendered.

Your satisfaction is our priority. Our commitment to durability is reflected in our 20-year standard warranty, covering reclining motor, mechanism, and chair frame, with upholstery and seating foam protected for 5 years.

Engineered for endurance, our Canadian made, heavy-duty recliners, exceeding 165lbs (75KG), blend luxury with reliability.
luxury movie theater seating layout
brown home theater seat with tray

Compliance and safety

Ensuring Top-Tier Safety: Our Commercial VIP Seating prioritizes compliance and safety. Upholstered with seating foam meeting stringent fire code standards, and designed for accessibility, our seats align seamlessly with ADA-compliant cinemas. Elevate your venue with confidence, where luxury meets the highest standards of safety and inclusivity
Accessible Luxury: Our ADA Compliant Cinema Seating merges opulence with inclusivity, ensuring everyone experiences unparalleled comfort in style and accessibility
Structural Integrity & Stability
Our heavy-duty recliners are engineered for stability in public cinemas, eliminating the need for screws or bolts to anchor the chairs to the floor.
Fire Safety
Rest assured, our upholstery and seating foam are fire-resistant, meeting the stringent requirements of California fire safety standards.

Compliance and safety

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Structural Integrity
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Safety Standards
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Complimentary layout design
As part of our concierge service, we offer complimentary 3d layout designs for our registered theater installers, interior designers, architectural firms and home builders. To help us get started on your layout, please submit your configuration by completing the Home Theater Recliner configurator here:
white home theater seating layout

Past Projects

Past Projects

commercial theater seating layout
Client Background: Prestige Medical School, renowned for its commitment to cutting-edge education, sought to enhance its auditorium for medical lectures, seminars, and conferences. The goal was to create an environment that seamlessly blended comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Challenge: The client envisioned a space where students could engage in lengthy lectures without sacrificing comfort. The challenge was to design theater seating that not only met the rigorous standards of a medical learning environment but also provided a sophisticated and modern look.

Solution: Our team collaborated closely with Prestige Medical School to understand their unique requirements. The selected solution involved our signature luxury theater seats, customized to meet the specific needs of an educational auditorium.

Outcome: The installation of our customized theater seating transformed the auditorium into a state-of-the-art learning space. Students now experience unparalleled comfort during lectures, and the adjustable features accommodate diverse needs. The elegant design and durability of the seats align seamlessly with the prestigious image of the medical school.

Feedback: Faculty and students alike lauded the transformation. The versatile features of the seats, coupled with the aesthetic appeal, have elevated the auditorium into a flagship space within Prestige Medical School.
luxury movie theater seating layout
Client Background: A prestigious entertainment conglomerate in Dubai aimed to elevate its public VIP cinema experience. They envisioned a space where opulence met comfort, setting a new standard for cinematic indulgence.

Challenge: The challenge was to design and deliver theater seats that epitomized luxury, met the aesthetic demands of Dubai's discerning clientele, and ensured a world-class cinema experience.

Solution: Our team embraced the challenge, crafting a bespoke solution tailored to the unique expectations of Dubai's vibrant entertainment scene.

Outcome: The installation of our custom-designed theater seats transformed the public VIP cinema into a haven of luxury. Each seat became a throne, providing an unparalleled cinematic journey in the heart of Dubai's entertainment landscape.

Feedback: Patrons and critics alike celebrated the cinema's transformation, hailing it as a new standard for luxury cinema experiences in Dubai. The seamless integration of comfort, design, and innovation exceeded expectations.
luxury movie theater seats
Client Background: A high-end real estate developer envisioned transforming the amenity room of their luxury apartment complex into a haven of sophistication and relaxation. They sought to create an exclusive cinematic space for residents to enjoy private screenings and events.

Challenge: The challenge was to design theater seats that seamlessly blended opulence with comfort, creating an intimate setting for residents to unwind, socialize, and enjoy entertainment.

Solution: Our team worked closely with the real estate developer to bring their vision to life, focusing on creating a unique cinematic experience within the amenity room.

Outcome: The installation of our custom-designed theater seats transformed the amenity room into a sophisticated cinematic retreat. Residents now enjoy a private sanctuary where they can unwind, socialize, and relish exclusive screenings.

Feedback: Residents expressed delight at the amenity room's transformation, praising the luxurious design, comfort, and versatility of the theater seats. The space has become a coveted feature of the luxury apartment complex.
luxury movie theater seating layout
Client Background: The Wit Hotel, a timeless icon of luxury in Chicago, sought to redefine the cinematic experience within its opulent walls. They envisioned a private screening room that mirrored the hotel's grandeur, offering an exclusive space for guests to indulge in unparalleled cinematic elegance.

Challenge: The challenge was to curate theater seats that seamlessly integrated with The Wit's sophisticated ambiance, delivering an extraordinary cinematic escape for discerning guests.

Solution: Our design team collaborated intimately with The Wit Hotel to create a bespoke solution that merged comfort, luxury, and architectural grace.

Outcome: The installation of our custom-designed theater seats transformed The Wit's screening room into a sanctuary of cinematic luxury. Guests now immerse themselves in an unparalleled blend of comfort and opulence.

Feedback: Guests lauded the cinematic retreat within The Wit, noting the seamless integration of luxurious theater seats into the hotel's regal ambiance. The screening room became a coveted space for unforgettable private viewings.

Conclusion: This successful collaboration exemplifies our commitment to crafting tailored solutions that elevate the hospitality experience. The Wit Hotel's screening room stands as a testament to the fusion of architectural sophistication and cinematic luxury, enriching the guest experience within this iconic Chicago establishment.


“Every time I am lucky enough to sit in an Elite chair I am amazed by the fit, finish and comfort. It’s my business to analyze theater seating and I can honestly say that they build chairs with a rare attention to quality and detail. The superbly durable structure, high quality foam and ergonomic design make Elite chairs perfect for our Tactile Motion products."
Randolph crowson
President, Crowson Technologies
“In addition to being the most comfortable home theater recliner to ever cradle my haunches-a Goldilocks mix of inviting and relaxing without being sleep-inducing as so many comfy recliners are…...”
Dennis Burger
Author, Robb Report
“Elite HTS is hands down the best seat manufacturer we have ever dealt with. From the manufacturing quality to Cynthia’s customer service, they are amazing. When you touch their silk leather product, its like velvety butter. Its is UNBELIEVABLY comfortable. Every client that we have specified these chairs for has been thrilled with the end result!”
Scott S
President, Station Earth Technologies


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