Home theater Recliners

fully customizable, pure luxury. custom built in canada

black leather home theater chairs
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Home Theater Recliners

20 year warranty, made in canada

Welcome to the epitome of cinematic luxury. Our home theater recliners redefine relaxation with unmatched comfort, craftsmanship, and customization. Immerse yourself in the ultimate viewing experience with handcrafted excellence, premium materials, and cutting-edge design. Elevate your home entertainment space to a realm of pure indulgence.
Fully Customizable
Made in Canada
20 Year Warranty

Fully Customizable


Discover our cutting-edge theater seating configurator, allowing you to customize and envision your perfect home theater chair. Mix and match diverse arm styles, backrests, and choose from an array of colors, luxurious leather types, wood trims, and layouts.  

fabric luxury home theater seat with a colorful checkered pattern
customers own material
As the manufacturer, we offer an exclusive option allowing you to provide your own material. This bespoke service ensures your home theater seating aligns perfectly with your style, creating a truly personalized and unique cinematic haven tailored to your individual taste and preferences.
black leather diamond stitch pattern on home theater seat
Custom stitching and quilting
Elevate your home theater aesthetic with our bespoke custom stitching, piping and diamond quilting, meticulously crafted by our skilled artisans. Choose from an array of contrast stitch colors and piping trims that truly make your chairs pop.
dark leather movie theater recliner with cup holders and a reading light
Custom widths and layouts
Discover the versatility of our theater seating, tailored to complement spaces of varying dimensions. From width to curvature, we offer precise customization ensuring a perfect fit for your platform and room. The image showcases extra-wide arms, and adjustable headrests, adding an extra layer of comfort and personalization.



Heavy-Duty Craftsmanship and Luxurious Materials

Experience unparalleled comfort and durability. Weighing over 165lbs per chair, our heavy-duty construction ensures lasting stability and support. Each piece is a testament to precision, utilizing premium materials such as robust steel frames, high-density foam, and luxurious upholstery. Indulge in the pinnacle of cinematic luxury, where craftsmanship meets resilience for an enduring home theater experience.
wood trim on a home theater seat with a cup holder feature
brown leather home theater recliner

Ergonomic Design and Comfort

In collaboration with esteemed chiropractor Dr. Grant O'Neill, we meticulously crafted a theater chair that seamlessly combines ergonomic support with plush comfort by utilizing the highest quality seating foam. Immerse yourself effortlessly in the captivating world on screen, indulging in countless hours of relaxation with a perfect synthesis of wellness and luxury.

power recline

Weighing over 60lbs, (27KG) our German-engineered, industrial-strength motorized recline mechanism, known for its "thick and chunky" build, operates smoothly and quietly, ensuring a premium experience.

silk leather

silk leather


Introducing Silk Leather – a groundbreaking, buttery soft material that seamlessly blends the luxurious durability of traditional leather with a contemporary touch.

Looking closely, you can see that the material is porous which allows it to breath allowing you to stay cool and comfortable, while at the same time the material is remarkably warm to the touch like fabric, thus providing a warm and cozy feeling even in cooler environments.

Beyond its tactile appeal, Silk Leather excels acoustically. Its porous nature absorbs sound effectively, preventing undesirable echoes and reflections in your theater space.

Elevate your seating experience with this innovative material, where aesthetics meet functionality for a sensory-rich journey in unparalleled comfort and acoustic finesse.
luxury white leather home theater seat
seating configurations
Explore our frequently chosen seating layouts. As the manufacturer, we have the unique ability to customize your seating layout according to the dimensions of your theater. This ensures a precise fit on elevated platforms, maximizing space and creating open aisles.

Additionally, we can adeptly adjust the curvature, optimizing sightlines for a perfect viewing experience in every seat.

Due to slight width variations for certain arm styles, please verify final dimensions with one of our project managers.
diagram of a variety of home theater seating layouts
Complimentary layout design
As an extension of our concierge service, we proudly provide complimentary 3D layout designs exclusively for our registered theater installers, interior designers, architectural firms, and home builders.
Recognizing the distinctiveness of each theater, this service aids in planning and visualizing the final space.
To initiate your personalized layout, please email us or kindly submit your configuration through our Chair Configurator.  ‍‍‍Your vision, our expertise – shaping exceptional cinematic spaces together.
white home theater chair seating layouts


“For about a year I looked at almost every theater seat available, the Elite product is by far the best you can find.”
“Our client is overly impressed with the quality of the finished product and unsurpassed comfort. He loves to show off his complete Home Theatre to friends and family, especially his pair of chairs. We also appreciated the easy process in getting the chairs from Canada to New Zealand.”
Brendon Gray - Managing Director, Signal Solutions LTD, New Zealand
“My client loves the theater chairs. He told me that they are the most comfortable seats in his home. That is quite a compliment except that I provided 80% of the furniture in his home! Once the chairs were delivered and he saw the quality, comfort and style, it made my job so easy..”
Roz Redmond - Interiors by Decorating Den. Brandywine, MD

Warranty & Support

Warranty & Support

Our commitment to durability is reflected in our 20-year standard warranty, covering reclining motor, mechanism, and chair frame, with upholstery and seating foam  protected for 5 years.

Shipped worldwide, our chairs are intelligently designed for hassle-free maintenance. Parts, like the reclining motor and backrests, effortlessly slide in and out for swift replacement or repair.

For pre-assembled components such as our chair arms, simple tools are needed. In the rare event of on-site repair, rely on our global network to dispatch local upholstery servicing or reimburse for repairs.

Your satisfaction and convenience are paramount in our commitment to delivering lasting quality and support across the globe.
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