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the perfect front-row theater seating solution

Home Theater Sectional Rear View
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Red Home Theater Sectional
Grey Home Theater Sectional
Home Theater sectionals

Experience the pinnacle of cinematic comfort with our Home Theater Sectionals. Uniting luxury and functionality, these sectionals redefine entertainment spaces. Indulge in plush seating, customizable layouts, and innovative features. Perfectly paired with back-row recliners, our sectionals are the perfect front-row option.
Fully Customizable
Made in Canada
20 Year Warranty

Fully Customizable


Customize and quote your Home Theater Sectional with our easy-to-use Configurator. Choose from various options including dual-tone color combos, cupholder finishes and swivel trays.

L Shaped Home Theater Sectional
L shaped Sectional
An example of an L-shaped configuration, adjustable for left or right sides, measures a spacious 115" x 75". Tailor your seating arrangement for the perfect fit in your home theater.
Square Shaped Home Theater Sectional
Square Sectional
Discover the perfect blend of style and space with our Square Sectional, measuring a generous 80" x 75". This square shaped configuration offers a chic and cozy seating solution, providing ample room for relaxation and ensuring a stylish centerpiece for your home theater.
Wide Home Theater Sectional
rectangular Sectional
Embrace spacious luxury with our Wide Sectional, measuring an expansive 115" x 75". Ideal for large families and gatherings, this rectangular sectional offers an inviting and comfortable setting for everyone. Elevate your home theater experience with ample seating space and a touch of grandeur.



Heavy-Duty Craftsmanship and Luxurious Materials

Indulge in timeless luxury where robust craftsmanship meets lavish materials in our Home Theater Sectionals. With a frame secured by a 20-Year warranty, guaranteeing enduring strength, and upholstery covered for 5 years, ensuring both style and resilience. Elevate your cinematic moments with a perfect union of comfort and longevity.
Spiderman Theme Home Theater Sectional
Large Home Theater Sectional

perfect option for media rooms

Discover the ultimate in versatility with our Home Theater Sectionals, perfect for dedicated home theaters in addition to media rooms, and family spaces. Immerse yourself in plush comfort and style, as these sectionals redefine entertainment spaces, offering a luxurious blend of family-friendly functionality and cinematic sophistication.

premium quality seating foam

Our meticulously chosen seating foam is backed by a 5 year warranty and blends softness and plushness with unparalleled support. Guaranteeing years of plush, resilient cinematic escapes, our sectionals redefine relaxation and style in your home theater space.
 Sectional in Home Theater


Home Theater Sectional Dimensions
Complimentary layout design
As part of our concierge service, we offer complimentary 3d layout designs for our registered theater installers, interior designers, architectural firms and home builders. To help us get started on your layout, please submit your configuration by completing the Home Theater Sectional configurator here:
Home Theater Sectional Layout Design


“In addition to being the most comfortable home theater recliner to ever cradle my haunches-a Goldilocks mix of inviting and relaxing without being sleep-inducing as so many comfy recliners are…...”
dennis burger - Robb Report / home entertainment magazine
“Elite HTS is hands down the best seat manufacturer we have ever dealt with. From the manufacturing quality to Cynthia’s customer service, they are amazing. When you touch their silk leather product, its like velvety butter. Its is UNBELIEVABLY comfortable. Every client that we have specified these chairs for has been thrilled with the end result!”
scott s - station earth technologies, toronto, on
Our client is overly impressed with the quality of the finished product and unsurpassed comfort. He loves to show off his complete Home Theatre to friends and family, especially his pair of chairs. We also appreciated the easy process in getting the chairs from Canada to New Zealand.”