Standing in the lavish study of the 12,000 sq/ft Greenwich home, one can’t help but feel as if they are in the cozy confines of Wayne Manor itself.

Flanked by bookshelves on either side, the old Grandfather clock reads 10:47. A bust of William Shakespeare sits on one of the shelves, and with a clockwise turn of the head, the clock swings open to reveal the elevator doors. An authentic, real-life fingerprint scan is required to gain access.

Stepping into the cylindrical stainless steel elevator, the first thing that catches the eye is a glowing Bat symbol that is slowly pulsating at the bottom of the button panel. To the left of the Bat symbol, is the letter “B”. Usually a “B” at the bottom of an elevator panel would stand for “Basement”; not this time. This “B” stands for BATCAVE. Even the least curious and adventurous person could never resist pressing this iconic symbol. Almost hypnotizing, it calls to you.

As the elevator descends, the floor-to-ceiling mirrors on either side come alive by displaying various body scanning graphics. Very cool indeed. Once you have been properly “identified”, a robotic female voice comes through the intercom --“Security Clearance Granted”.

With that, the elevator doors slide open with a beautiful hydraulic hum.  

Directly across the room, a beautifully backlit, highly detailed, life-size Bat suit stands at attention.  With a total of six Bat suits placed throughout the cavernous lair, it almost reminds one of a secret underground, medieval armoury.  

To the left is an enormous 180” film screen which is flanked by a Batsuit on either side.

Art Deco inspired architecture and various gothic pieces such as large, winged gargoyles bring the charm of Gotham City into the room.

Walking towards the screen we come across bookcases that look similar to the bookshelves upstairs in the study. But these are no ordinary bookshelves. With the pull of a secret book, the bookshelves slide open to reveal an amazing, life size replica of the Batmobile Tumbler. Seeing it in the movies does not do it justice. Being 15 feet long and almost 10 feet wide, the Tumbler is a beautiful behemoth.

A mock, secret tunnel exit adds to the experience, and is actually about 30 feet long and ends as it turns a corner.

At the rear of the theater is a large gas fireplace, with “Bat computer” stations on either side. Various “techy” graphics are displayed on the large screens along with some of Batman’s arch enemies.

Last but not least are the sleek and sexy, custom theater chairs made by Elite HTS. The race car inspired design would go nicely in any of the Dark Knight’s various vehicles.


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“For about a year I looked at almost every theater seat available, the Elite product is by far the best you can find.”
Ady gill, american high definition
This is an amazing product. The low back cushion has the optimal shape and angle to maintain the ideal lordosis (curve) of the lumbar spine ..... In conjuction with the dual cushion system, the overall effect is to allow for a more relaxed body position giving maximum comfort and thus longer endurance while sitting.”
dr grant o'neill
“Every time I am lucky enough to sit in an Elite chair I am amazed by the fit, finish and comfort. It’s my business to analyze theater seating and I can honestly say that they build chairs with a rare attention to quality and detail. The superbly durable structure, high quality foam and ergonomic design make Elite chairs perfect for our Tactile Motion products."
randolph crowson, crowson technologies