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Tips For Buying A Big & Tall Recliner

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May 28, 2024
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Are you searching for a recliner for tall people that fit with your living room furniture? Let's discover your perfect match! Anyone who owns a recliner knows how comfortable they are. But if you are tall or a very tall person, you must know how difficult it is to find one that gives you the maximum comfort you are looking for. And if, apart from providing maximum comfort, it also complements the style of your home? That's a plus, right?

Man laying on a reclining chair

When trying out different recliners, you may start to feel that they are meant to be one size fits all but keep looking! Just like people, they come in a variety of sizes. If the recliners that you have tried, make you feel wrapped. Those chairs are not the ideal ones for a relaxing night at home reading or watching a movie in your home theater.

There is a great deal of effort put into office chairs to provide ergonomic support and ensure that the user remains comfortable throughout their day. Why would we not put the same effort into choosing a comfortable chair to relax in?

Woman sitting on a reclining chair

And let's not forget about style! Pick a design that complements your living room decor. When you have one of the best recliners, you can relax in style and in a chair that can provide comfort to you after a long day. We know you deserve it! So here are some tips for buying a tall man's recliner:

How tall should a recliner be for a tall person?

Consider the dimensions and features if you are looking for the best tall man's recliner.  Small recliners usually have a width of 39 inches or fewer. Mid-size recliners tend to be 40 to 49 inches. In a tall man's  Recliner, The seat height should be around 18–22 inches from the floor, for a comfortable knee angle. The backrest should be at least 28–32 inches high to provide adequate support for the head and neck. Additionally, an adjustable headrest can offer personalized comfort. A seat depth of 22–24 inches is ideal for accommodating longer legs, so they don't feel at the edge.

Recliners Come in Different Sizes

Look for recliners with a metal frame and adequate padding for support. The footrest should extend far enough to support the entire length of the legs. This prevents the feet from hanging uncomfortably. Adjustable or extended footrests are particularly beneficial. A recliner with these features will provide maximum comfort and relaxation to a tall man.

Not everyone is aware that most recliners have weight limits. For the average recliner, that limit tends to fall between around 113 to 159 kg (250 to 350 lbs). Recliners made for those with big or tall needs will have higher weight limits.

Double seated recliner

Should your feet hang off a recliner?

When using a recliner, your feet should not hang off the edge. Ideally, a recliner should provide full support for your legs. The footrest should extend far enough to support your entire leg length. Proper leg and foot support ensures better circulation.

Should your feet hang off a recliner?

If you find your feet hanging off, consider choosing a recliner with an extended footrest. Adjustable features to accommodate your height might also be a good idea. This will enhance your relaxation experience and promote better ergonomic support.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tall Recliner

Is the Brand Known for Durability?

Investing in a high-quality brand is important. We tend to look for a deal when buying things. You need to be sure that the recliner you bring home is durable and will last you for years to come. This is especially true for leather recliners, which are meant to provide both comfort and longevity.

leather recliner

A leather recliner from a good brand ensures that you are getting a product that not only looks great. But is also built to handle daily use without compromising on quality.

Space and Style Considerations

space-saving recliners

You need to ensure that you have enough room for your oversized recliner. Depending on the recline, it may need to sit at least 12 inches from the wall to open completely. Some space-saving recliners, known as wall-savers, need only about 6 inches.

When considering style, there are many stylish options available that can fit your space and decor. You can choose from traditional styles to modern designs. Include features like an ottoman, which can enhance both style and comfort.

Different recliners in front of a fireplace

It's essential that your luxury recliner complements your interior design. Color, design, and fabric all impact its appearance. A custom-made seat can be a major advantage. By considering both space and style, you can find a recliner that fits perfectly and enhances your home's aesthetic.

Reduces Stress

Stress can cause many different issues such as headaches and migraines. By offering tremendous comfort and support, your recliner can help reduce stress. Have you ever noticed that when we want to relax, we automatically recline in our chairs?

Reduces Stress

Even if they are not built to recline in? If you recline in a proper recliner, your spine will rest, your back will be supported, and your legs will be elevated. All of this is perfect for deep relaxation and the reduction of stress.

Improves Circulation

Many of us spend long days sitting at a desk, causing blood to rush to our legs and feet. This long sitting can negatively affect the body's circulation, leading to discomfort and potential health issues. Reclining in a well-designed chair raises your feet to a position that allows gravity to help improve circulation. This ensures that blood flows smoothly throughout your body, reducing the risk of swelling and varicose veins.

Improves Circulation

To measure the effectiveness of this, consider how much better you feel after spending time in a reclined position compared to sitting upright for extended periods. Additionally, a recliner with quality materials, such as metal frames and smooth, comfortable padding, ensures that your body maintains good contact with the chair, further enhancing circulation and overall comfort.

Comfortable Padding

Eases Back Pain and Joint Pain

As many as 85% of working people will experience lower back pain due to the stress and fatigue of their job, especially if that job requires them to remain sedentary. A high-quality recliner should offer lumbar support that can help reduce back pain with regular use. Your recliner may also help reduce pain in other areas, such as your shoulders and neck.

Pink reclining chair in living room

Joint pain can be reduced by reclining in a chair that offers the right kind of support. It will correct the angle of the joints and direct the muscles downward. Recliners help so much with joint pain that they are sometimes called medical equipment.

Additional Features for your recliner

Are you looking for extra features for your recliner? Would you like a heat source or massage apparatus to ease back discomfort at the end of your day? Do you want the chair to feature a manual recline or electric one? Today, there are many options available, depending on your desires and budget.

multifunctional recliner

Concluding Your Recliner Search

As you wrap up your search for the best recliner, remember to consider space, style, and features that will bring you the most comfort and support. Look for a durable recliner that fits seamlessly into your house, complements your decor with the right fabric, and comes at a reasonable price. Whether you prefer a traditional look or a modern design, prioritize convenience and comfort to find a complete solution that offers maximum relaxation. Watch as your new recliner becomes your favorite spot to unwind, providing you with many relaxing moments in your stylish, comfortable seat.

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tall people need tall recliners

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