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April 1, 2024
Bobby Bala

When I started Elite HTS 10 years ago, one of my goals was to one day build a dream home theater of my very own. The concept was a little fuzzy in my mind, but I knew I wanted a warm, inviting and cozy home theater room; somewhere to escape Vancouver’s cold, wet days of winter.

Much of the inspiration comes from my childhood days, growing up as a kid in Edmonton, Alberta enduring the cold, harsh winters. Some of my fondest memories were of weekend sleepovers at my Grandparents house. Trudging through the deep snow after school to Royal Video, and watching movies late into the night. The snow drifts outside were waist high, but we were all warm and cozy under a pile of quilts and blankets. So I’m all about cozy.

Depending on the climate you live in, and the type of environment you want to create, the upholstery material you choose for your home theater seating is a major determining factor.
When it came to choosing the upholstery material for my home theater seating, my choices were the 3 materials we offer to our customers :

1. Valentino Leather (warm), which is our high-quality, top grain traditional Italian Leather.
2. Silk Leather (warmer), which is our ultra-soft, premium synthetic material.
3. Cine-Suede (warmest), which is our high-quality, velvet like fabric material.

Though Valentino Leather and Silk Leather are by far our most popular materials, I decided to go with Cine-Suede since it was best suited for our climate, and our needs and preferences. On the other hand, if we lived in Florida or California, we likely would have chosen either the Valentino or Silk Leather.

Many of my family members like to lie down when watching TV or a movie. It’s nice to be able to stretch out, flip around, and get close to that special someone. However, when the guys come over to watch a football game or UFC event, they prefer more of a traditional reclining theater chair which provides separation, and allows you to precisely angle and position the chair to the optimum viewing angle.

So to satisfy both preferences, I decided to add our Cinema-Chaises to the front row, and our traditional reclining chairs (Model L5) to the back row as shown in the pics below. I was undecided about putting the chaises in the back row instead, but so far everyone loves the layout and it’s worked out very well.

The one limitation with chaise seating is that it takes up more room width-wise. The three chaises shown below allow for 4 total seating positions (2 in the wider middle chaise, and single occupancy in the narrower outside chaises). The back row however allows for 5 home theater recliners, and possibly more if doing a loveseat style arrangement.

Elite recently added complimentary Layout Design Services, if you need assistance with the placement of chaises vs recliners to create your own cozy home theater. Please contact us. Click here to view examples of the layout services we provide.

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