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How to Choose the Best Home Theater Seating

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May 31, 2024
Bobby Bala

Crafting Comfort: The Art of Home Theater Seating Selection

A home theater is a significant investment, so careful planning and research is critical especially when it comes to theater seating. There are certain clues to look out for such as the weight of the recliner which demonstrates how robustly built your seating is. By following this guide, it will help to ensure you are purchasing theater furniture that will last for decades. So whether you are in the market for home theater sofas, loveseats, sectionals or recliners, these tips will help you as you search for the perfect pieces for your home theater.

How to Tell if the Seating is Well-Built

Specifically regarding theater seating, there are many factors and qualities which make up a high quality theater recliner. When researching theater seating, asking the following questions  can be helpful to ensure you are purchasing a theater seat that is built to industry standards.

  • What is the total weight?
  • What type of foam is used?
  • Is there lower back lumbar support?
  • Is it a wall hugger?
  • What type of recliner mechanism is used?
  • How are the arms reinforced?

What is the total weight of home theater seating?

The overall weight of a home theater chair can provide many clues as to its construction and quality. Entry level and mid-range seating typically weigh only 75 to 100 lbs per seat. Many times, this can mean the chair has been constructed poorly using “thin wall” wood construction and a lightweight, rickety recliner mechanism.

Elite HTS theater recliners are the heaviest in the industry weighing in at an average weight of 165lbs (75kg) per chair. This weight is accounted for by our 3/4” thick, fortress wall framing construction, and our heavy duty, “thick and chunky” industrial grade recliner mechanism which comes with a 20 Year Warranty. Since our seating is placed in many public VIP cinemas, it must be built to withstand the constant use and abuse of many visitors.

What Type of Foam is Used?

Low quality foam can start to lose form and support in as little as 3 months. It is very important for any type of home theater furniture to use premium quality cushion foam that is high in density and supportive yet still soft and comfortable. Elite HTS offers soft, medium and firm foam options. More than 90% of clients choose our standard medium foam.

Is it Designed With ergonomic Lumbar Support?

Many of us have had to endure an uncomfortable experience at our local Cineplex while constantly shifting and adjusting to relieve the build up of pressure in the lower back and neck. This negative experience prevents you from escaping into the world that you are watching on the screen. A true theater seat provides excellent ergonomic support and is specifically designed and engineered for hours of home theater viewing. A true theater seat provides ESCAPISM.

We collaborated with renowned Chiropractor Dr. Grant O’Neill to create a theater recliner that provides optimal ergonomic support and comfort while still staying soft and “cushy”. After a lot of precise tweaking and adjustments of various foam types, placement and angles, the final creation is what we feel is the most comfortable theater chair available.

Is the Recliner a Wall Hugger Style?

A theater seat with a simple recline system pivots at the base of the seat, so sufficient wall clearance is required. The seat cushion remains stationary while the backrest reclines backwards. In comparison, a Wall Hugger moves the seat cushion down and forward, while the backrest reclines backwards. This allows the recliner to be placed only 4” from the wall behind it. This can be very beneficial for theaters with limited space and depth.

How are the arms attached to the base?

One of the most common flaws of any type of home theater recliner is a poorly designed frame. This can be the difference between a recliner lasting 2 years or 50 years. The main problems associated with a poor frame design are shaky/flimsy arms, excessive squeakiness and accelerated breakdown.

Usually the main cause of this is the use of low quality cheap materials such as rejected plywood or the use of wood that is simply not strong enough or thick enough. Also, if just simple nails are used to build the frame,over time they can become loose from the constant shifting and bending of the wood frame.

It is highly recommended to use a combination of fitted joints, screws and glue to construct a strong frame. Lastly the arms of a recliner should be reinforced at the highest point possible. This prevents the arms from shaking and moving. If an arm is reinforced near its base, then it will most probably be prone to cracking and breaking at the joint which in turn will cause shaky/flimsy arms over time.

What Type of Upholstery is Used on the Home Theater Seating?

We provide complimentary fabric and leather samples so that you can experience and feel the buttery soft quality of our materials first hand.

Whether purchasing a theater chair in top grain, Italian Valentino Leather, or our revolutionary Silk Leather material from Japan, you can be assured that only the highest grade materials are used.

It is important to be wary of thin leather products which can easily tear and vinyl match theater chairs which claim to be 100% leather. That's why you should do research and get a real high end home theater seating.

Special Home Theater Recliner Features

  • Smart features: These include high-tech smart features such as USB ports and power-lift remote controls.
  • Cup or glass holder: A great place for your favorite drink without having to worry about spillage and stains.
  • Tray table: A  laptop or tray table allows you to take notes, read, or support your computer, so you can work comfortably in any position.
  • Lumbar, head and neck pillows:  Some body parts just need extra support. Especially useful are pillows with ergonomic shapes.
  • Customization: You should have the ability to choose a recliner that can be customized to your specific needs and preferences.

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