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April 1, 2024
Bobby Bala

Home theater seating is an important feature in home theater design. Comfort and the viewing angle are of the utmost importance when selecting your seating choice. Theater seating is made of high quality materials with fine and precise craftsmanship. Comfort and durability are key elements to a home theater seat design.Home theater seating brings the experience of a movie theater right in to your home. A difference in movie theater seating compared to home theater seating is comfort. Most modern movie theaters have wider isles yet the comfort factor has not changed. Next time you are watching a movie in a theater, try to take a quick look to see how many people re-adjust their seating positions during the movie. For those people who are tall, sitting in a theater for too long can result in mass discomfort. It is the exact same situation when you fly coach on a plane. These seats are not made for comfort at all.For home theater seating, comfort plays a large role. Sitting for a long duration of time should be comfortable and the need to re-adjust your sitting position is not needed when you have the right seating. One goal to aim for would be the “sleep factor”. If you’re like me and end up falling asleep on your couch more than your own bed than the “sleep factor” is vital. A good chair would be the one where you can fall asleep and be comfortable after you wake up. We spend our days working hard and we deserve a relaxing chair to relax in when we’re at home.A chair that is durable and easy to clean plays an important part in the decision making process during purchase. With young children in your family, you want to be able to clean up after them with relative ease. We have three distinctive fabric styles to keep your theater looking brand new and pristine:

  • Silk Leather: This is exclusive to Elite HTS. A luxurious leather that is as soft as silk and at the same time as durable as leather.
  • Valentino Leather: Another Italian leather that is durable and soft while remaining luxurious
  • CineSuede: This is a high end, spill resistant fabric that is also very soft while creating a warm and cozy theater environment

More than likely, we all eat and drink while watching tv and in a home theater setting, a table is not within reach. To eliminate any issues, cup holders in your seat are essential. This allows you to have a beverage close by without having to get up out of your seat and you won’t miss any scenes, plays, goals, or whatever else it is your watching. You can also get accessories like a swivel tray and storage components. Another feature of home theater seating are reclining chairs. The comfort of a reclining chair gives you the added bonus to watch your tv screen from a different distance based on what position you recline in. Once that footrest is up and you’re all cozy, you may just lose all track of time.As you can see, it is very important to choose the seat of your choice carefully. Comfort is such an important aspect and cannot be overlooked or taken for granted. Regardless of the size of your home theater, you can find what best suits your needs without compromising any of the above mentioned.

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